There is something about a naked man that strips him of his dignity.

A naked man can’t put on aires. Imagine a naked politician at a rally. A naked boss…A naked priest.Difficult and awkward yes?It goes a long way to show how far how far we’ve gone to derail ourselves. We are what we are not. We seem to find a way of spoiling the soup. The ecosystem is one great example of how human stupidity can turn things upside down,and we go on to hold grand ceremonies and award prizes to those whose efforts to ‘return to roots’, seem formidable.


We destroy countries, bomb them flat then later play heroes by rebuilding them and pompous food schemes. We’ve made a sport out of the planet. One big Olympic stadium I must say.

A rhinoceros doesn’t need an Armani suit to mark its territory. Nor does it need a Rolex. As naturally as shitting comes to any living organisms [even that must I add we’ve adulterated with scented tissues and ridiculous frilly toilet upholstery].So should our essence. We are God mirrored. “Let us make man in our image”,he said. Yet we stand, shaking at the knees like mere Shadows. miserable.

But we are the kind of Shadow that walks away from its original….

 Hiding behind SUV’s and expensive golfing shoes.

Do you really think God wears anything?

He has no need to hide any part of himself to appear superior or humble…He is!!!!!!

He probably wouldn’t write his own name in capital letters. He has no need to decorate himself with prefixes- Prof\Dr\Eng\Arch\President. That doesn’t stop him from causing the earth to rotate about its axis,or balancing the sun.

Who are you?and why are you hiding? Come out come out wherever you are….



25 August 2010


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One response to “Naked

  • Mark

    More accurately, stripping a man of the fake trappings of dignity our society creates, can remove his dignity. But a naked man can be dignified, if he is comfortable with himself. It’s all in the way someone carries him or herself.

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